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Rev. Jan Taddeo

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader Carol Richardson, Worship Associate

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  • September 29–Love Makes a Bridge: Dealing with Fear
    Love is the bridge between you and everything. Jalaluddin Rumi Unfortunately, this powerful little line from Rumi can come across almost as a platitude–a nice, innocuous little saying that really carries no weight, a saying that we could say and … Continue reading →
  • September 28–Love Makes a Bridge: Religion
    Religion should be a bridge builder, shouldn’t it?  At first glance, I think this question would get a nod from most people.  People who belong to and practice a religion generally believe that their religion is a source of good … Continue reading →
  • September 26–Love Makes a Bridge: Love, Hope, Peace and Joy
    Feeling hopeless can be devastating.  Whatever the source, when we find ourselves hopeless or even approaching hopelessness, it’s as if a great chasm has opened up between where we are in life and where we need or want to go. … Continue reading →