Be the Blessing

Denise Burkart-Haynes

Sometimes it becomes necessary to step outside our own comfort zone to become a blessing to the world around us.  How can we find joy in that? Denise Burkart-Haynes, Service Leader. Evan Varner, Worship Associate.  

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  • July 22–Blessings: The Human in Humanity
    “I never heard another man tell me that he loved me,” said the younger man to the older man in the StoryCorps booth.  He went on to say how awkward he felt and how he didn’t know what else to … Continue reading →
  • July 20–Blessings: Bearing Witness
    The blessing and power of bearing witness is often undervalued.  When someone is struggling, to notice, and say so, gives courage.  When someone is sad, to notice, and say so, gives hope.  When someone is angry, to notice, and say … Continue reading →
  • July 18–Blessings: How We Identify
    My suitcase was wedged in with about a half dozen others right in front of the seat I took next to a woman whom I did not know.  When the train began to move, the entire stack of luggage shifted, … Continue reading →