We Are Keepers of Faith

Rev. Jan Taddeo

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Lorena Gay-Griffin, Worship Associate. Following the service:  Congregational Meeting & Raffle, Sabbatical Send-off Party

RSS Daily Reflections

  • December 9–We Are: Individual and Community
    As Americans, we love our individualism.  Celebrating the individuality of each human being is a beautiful and necessary thing.  Our own Unitarian Universalist principles speak to this individuality. We affirm the dignity of every human being (1), acceptance of one … Continue reading →
  • December 7–We Are: What We Say
    Most of us, when we find a friend discouraged, find words to encourage.  Many of us find it within us, when we find even a total stranger or someone that we do not know well or call friend discouraged, the … Continue reading →
  • December 2–We Are: So Many Things
    We are.  I am.  He/she/it is. You are.  They are.  To be.  Being.  Been.  All of these are the same verb in English–the verb “to be.”  It is in most languages the most commonly used verb and in many instances, … Continue reading →