Faith, Fear, and Finding the Inner Flame

Religious faith has a history of being both the thing that instills fear in people as well as being a vehicle for setting human hearts free to do amazing things.  Bring your own stories to this service and let’s explore faith, fear and finding the inner flame. Bob Patrick, Service Leader. Toby Lyles, Worship Associate.

Sunday Worship Service

Rev. Duncan Teague, Service Leader. Miriam Patrick, Worship associate.

We’ve Got This!

Watch out!  You might know more than you think… are you willing to trust yourself for the answers? Lydia Patrick, Service Leader. Rae Haynes, Worship Associate.

Beyond Absence

Let us come together to remember those who have died and explore together the answers Unitarian Universalists have to the ultimate question, “What happens when we die?” All are welcome to bring pictures of loved ones who have passed to add to our shrine. Rev. Charlotte Arsenault, Service Leader. Daniel Bailey, Worship Associate.

Sunday Worship Service

Denise Burkart, Service Leader. Aiyana Haynes, Worship Associate.