Congregational Meeting Sunday, May 19, 2019

Our annual May meeting is our opportunity to review all that we have done over the course of this program year, elect new leaders to our Board of Trustees and our Leadership Development Committee, and engage in other business as the Board deems necessary.  The Board deems it necessary to recognize many of our members who have made significant contributions to our shared ministry.   Nine people have been selected to receive our new Partners in Ministry award during this meeting.

The Board continues to review our bylaws for areas that need clarity, redefining, or changes that better serve the smooth governance of the congregation. Two changes to our bylaws are on the ballot.

Click here to view a printable pdf with information and proposed bylaws and changes.

Members will also elect new leaders at this meeting. The Leadership Development Committee has worked diligently to bring a full slate for the congregation’s vote.  Here are the nominees you will see on the Ballot:

Board of Trustees:

President: Marcus Kabel (2019-2020)

Vice President: Lorena Griffin (2019-2020)

Secretary: Terry Welsher (2019-2020)

Treasurer-elect: Greg Bandy (2019-2021)*

Member At-Large: RJ Rice (2019-2022)

Nominating Committee:**

Thomas Yun (2019-2020)

Heather Meador (2019-2020)

Joe Bentley (2019-2021)

Jen Garrison (2019-2021)

Natalie Mann (2019-2021)

Absentee ballots are available in the office, or can be found here.

Suggestions for nominees are welcome at,  and open positions will be filled via appointment if not filled prior to elections.


The 2018-2019 Annual Report is available for download.