At our May 20, 2018 Congregational Meeting, the congregation will be asked to vote on the slate for terms beginning July 1, 2018 and amotion to modify our bylaws that will allow us to shift to a policy-based governance model.  Click here to view a printable pdf of proposed bylaws and changes.   Absentee ballots are available in the office.  Suggestions are welcome at  and open positions will be filled via appointment if not filled prior to elections.

Board of Trustees:

  • President:  Marcus Kabel  (1 year term)
  • Vice President: Bill Benshoof (1 year term)
  • Treasurer: To be determined  (2 year term)
  • Secretary:  Terry Welsher (1 year term)
  • At-Large Trustee:  Daniel Bailey (3 year term)
  • Youth Associates:  Open (up to 2 Youth)

Leadership Development Committee:

  • Katrina Yurko (1 year term)
  • Heather Meador (1 year term)
  • Cindy Clark (2 year term)
  • To be determined  (2 year term)

Continuing (not up for vote):

  • Nathalie Bigord (remaining year as At-Large Trustee)
  • Ally Perras (2nd year of 3 year term as At-Large Trustee)
  • Thomas Yun (2nd year on Leadership Development Committee)

Theresa Waldrop (Preident), Bill Benshoof (Vice President), Steve, Smith (Secretary), and Barbara Stahnke (1 year Treasurer), and Terry Welsher will complete terms on the Board of Trustees on June 30, 2018.  Denise Benshoof will complete her term on the Leadership Development Committee on June 30, 2018.   

We are deeply grateful for their excellent work and service.   


The 2017-2018 Annual Report is available for download.


Congregational Meeting on December 10 after service in the Sanctuary

At our December 10, 2017 Congregational Meeting, members vote to adopt the 2018 operating budget.  No changes to the bylaws were made.