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Monday, June 7:
No Scheduled Events

Tuesday, June 8:
7:00pm – Covenant Choir Gathering

Wednesday, June 9:
7:00pm – Board of Trustees Meeting

Thursday, June 10:
6:00pm – Courageous Coffeehouse

Friday, June 11:
No scheduled events

Saturday, June 12:
11:30am – Family Faith Development On-Site

Sunday, June 13:
10:00am – Faith Development
11:00amSunday Morning Worship Service
5:00pm – Sunday Tarot


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See also Faith Development this Month at 10:00am


Tarot Sundays
Sundays, June 6, 13, 20, 27 at 5:00pm
See Calendar for specifics

Every Sunday, Sherree & Daniel host a session via Zoom for discussions about all things Tarot and card readings. We will focus on specific cards at each workshop.
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Belief Exploration Group 
Online Sunday, June 13th at 12:30pm
Join us via Zoom: 
Topic: To Egypt and Back: Alchemy turns lead into gold, and finds our heart’s desire. 
Presenter: Daniel Bailey

Alchemy is the art and science of turning our bodies or other matter into something greater or even Divine! European Alchemists wanted to transform lead into gold, but also used this process to elevate their souls and spirits into something immortal or godlike. This is even more evident in Chinese Internal Alchemy as they sought the elixir of immortality through the practice of Neidan.  In modern times, this developed externally into chemistry and nuclear physics.  Internally, this has flowered into archetypal psychology and Active Imagination; New Thought and New Age ideas and practices; contemporary Pagan and Magickal rituals and inner practices; and even in some Christian understandings of inner Work!
The Alchemist by Paul Coelho is an allegory for this understanding of Alchemy. 

The discussion on Sunday will focus on Contemporary Internal Alchemy, with some historical background.

A short experiential practice will be offered for those who want to try it. 


Monday, June 14th at 7:00pm
Topic: Atheist and Humanist Values
Join us via Zoom:

GUST (Gwinnett Understanding Secular Truths) is a group composed of Unitarian Universalists and others in Gwinnett County who identify with and support mainstream atheism, skepticism, and secular humanism; and are working to encourage community and friendships.

This month:
While atheism doesn’t hold up values in itself, it tends to be associated with a set of principles or guidelines. These include skepticism, anti-authoritarianism, and humanism. These help inform us about what to believe, who to believe, and how to treat others. They also support or inform each other. Sometimes it’s a struggle to determine how much “faith” to put in an belief or a person. We can try to figure out


UUCG Book Group
Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:00pm
Our selection for June is City of Girls, by Elizabeth Gilbert
Join us via Zoom:

Life is both fleeting and dangerous, and there is no point in denying yourself pleasure, or being anything other than what you are.”

Beloved author Elizabeth Gilbert returns to fiction with a unique love story set in the New York City theater world during the 1940s. Told from the perspective of an older woman as she looks back on her youth with both pleasure and regret (but mostly pleasure), City of Girls explores themes of female sexuality and promiscuity, as well as the idiosyncrasies of true love.

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CUUPs Workshop
Saturday, July 17 at 6:00pm
: Walking Between the Worlds: Discussion and Journey
Join us via Zoom:


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