Date(s) - 03/02/2019
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


As written by Art Bowman:

Darden Smith returns March 2 to our concert series. You are first to know because you experienced that February 2015 evening when Darden overwhelmed us with tremendous songs, memorable stories and a sharp wit. I had promoted that show as an “evening with a gifted songwriter, soulful vocalist and excellent storyteller.” I undersold Darden’s talents. He wrote or co-wrote each song in his two-set performance before closing with Bert Bacharach’s “Say a Little Prayer for You.” It was fabulous.

  • Please make reservations now to join us, helping us plan where we will host the concert.

Jogging your memory of that marvelous night, here are links to three videos that my friend John Roudebush shot from the second row, inside aisle:

  • “Loving Arms” – It’s lengthy but it gives you a hint of Darden’s wonderful storytelling and his wicked sense of humor.
  • “All I Want (Is Everything)” – After explaining that both of his ex-wives complained that one of his problems was that he wanted it all. His response: “Yes, I do. I may not get it but there’s nothing wrong with wanting it all.” One line from the song: “I want it all. Everything. All the joy love can bring.”
  • “Say a Little Prayer for You” – The night’s final song, in tribute to great songwriter Bert Bacharach, and the only song from the entire evening that Darden did not write or co-write.

Bowman House Concert Series
Darden Smith
8 p.m. March 2
Doors open at 7 p.m. — BYOB and a dish to share
Donation: $20/person (all proceeds to the artist)
Limited seating. Reservations required.
Hosts: Art & Nance Bowman (h: 770.979.1314)

Sanctuary at UUCG