Date(s) - 09/19/2020
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Sylvan Sanctuary welcomes all who are interested to join in a Fall Equinox Ritual at 6pm.

Please go to the Sylvan Sanctuary, DOTR Group on Facebook for more information.

The Druids have a vital relationship with the Earth, celebrate the Sun and its sacred days, hear the call to the inner life, and are weaving a wisdom that is both personal and communal.  Sylvan Sanctuary has been a grove for 10 years and is led by Bob Patrick, a founding Druid. 

Email Bob Patrick for  more information.

Bob Patrick has written the following:

Hello friends of Sylvan Sanctuary Grove! We gather via zoom this Saturday night at 6:00 for our Ablan Elued (Fall Equinox) ritual. Normally, we do hold the Spiral Ritual at Alban Elued which many find a powerful way to reset and rebalance as we enter further into the dark night of the year. I think we may be able to do something of that by zoom. It will take a little prep. Here’s what you need to gather:
1. Gather four candles (of any size, but they should be in a safe container. Mark them somehow like this: Cauldron of Dagda–Abundance; Stone of Fal–Darkness; Sword of Nuadu–New Life; Spear of Lugh–Cosmic Music
2. Have a small container of water about the size of your two cupped hands.
3. Find a cord, scarf, ribbon or other material that you can use to make a spiral on a table top. I am guessing that the material should be 4-5 yards long (though, if it is shorter, you just make your spiral smaller.
4. And you will need a table top. Card table, dining table, kitchen table. Or a spot on the floor will do. Although there will be the candles so I’d avoid using the floor if you have pets or small children in the house.
We will assemble those things together as part of the ritual, so just have them on hand. And, if gathering all these things is too much, you can always connect with what you see me doing on the screen, but I think you will experience it more deeply if you can create your own space together with us all.
Finally, ponder between now and then what is calling for balance in your life. For too many of us, that list is too long, so perhaps decide on one or two things that we call on Spirit and the spirits to help us find new balance as we enter into the dark of the year.
Looking forward to seeing you there.  Go to the Sylvan Sanctuary Facebook Page for the zoom link or click here. 

Meeting ID: 528 297 2479
Passcode: 091420

Online via Zoom