To provide personal attention to members of UUCG, the Care Team has divided the congregation into geographic areas called “Care Rings.” A Care Ring map is posted on the wall in the front office at UUCG and indicates where members are geographically located. Each member and friend is represented on the map with a flag which reflects their address and the Care Ring to which they belong.
The primary purpose of the Care Rings is to rapidly make contact with its members when there is a need.

  1. Crisis Care: involves caring for one another in times of illness, accident, death, and similar situations. Those who live within the same general vicinity can be “first responders” when there is a member need.
  2. Welcoming and Engaging New Members: involves supporting members as they transition into the life of the church and its various activities.
  3. Social Gatherings: involves one or two opportunities a year where Care Ring members can come together as the Care Team as a whole to become better acquainted and have fun.
  4. Emergency Notifications: The Care Rings provide a way for us to quickly check on all our members in case of natural disasters, and to notify members of an urgent situation or trauma within the congregation.

The five colors assigned to the Care Rings are Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow. Which ring do you belong to? Check your name tag for a color coded happy face sticker, if you don’t have one there are extra stickers tacked up to the board with the name tags, help yourself to one. If you don’t know which Care Ring you belong to, checkout the Care Ring map or ask a Care Team member.
The Care Team consists of the members who serve as facilitators to the individual Care Rings. Contact The Care Team for more information or to volunteer as a lead contact within your Care Ring.