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Singing the Journey Pledge Drive

At the Congregational Meeting on December 11, the congregation voted to adopt our 2017 budget. We are overjoyed that we can keep Reverend Jan at full-time, keep all our existing staff, and bring in our new Choir Director on January 1.  We have a gap that we are planning to close with additional fundraising or additional pledges.  If you have the means to offer just a little more so we can close that gap, or, if the amount we recorded as pledged is incorrect, please, complete the online pledge form, pick up another form at UUCG if you prefer, or download the pledge packet.

Let’s stay in covenant with each other “by doing the work of the church responsibly”. This includes making a financial commitment through your Pledge to support our mission and vision.

I can help UUCG!

Below are some ideas for fundraisers to help UUCG meet its goal of raising $3,500.  If you can help, please contact Theresa or Peggy on the Resource Development Team. Not sure what’s involved in one of the events below? Don’t hesitate to ask Theresa or Peggy.

I most want to help with:

  • Artisan Craft Fair on November 11.
  • Organize one of the monthly “Best of….” cooking contests or help compile recipes into a cookbook.
  • An ongoing services sale – congregants offer a service they can carry out, those who buy it pay UUCG (eg handyman services, yard work, tutoring, driving to or pickup from the airport).
  • Veteran’s Day – personally delivered notes to thank veterans for their service. Congregants pay to have the notes delivered to their veteran friends/family. Would need volunteers willing to deliver these.
  • Dance-a-thon or dance contest (or maybe even talent contest?). Possibly a dance-a-thon by family?
  • Manage UUCG’s eBay site. See Theresa Waldrop for details.
  • Other.  Share your ideas with the Resource Development Team.