• GATP logoIn September 2010, the UUCG Board of Trustees launched the “Give Away the Plate” (GATP) ministry as a means for the congregation to further its UU principles, demonstrate generosity, and engage with good works in the community.

Currently, one half of each Sunday’s plate collection is given away.  Every three months, a new recipient is selected from recommendations made by members of UUCG.

Besides supporting local organizations, GATP has also responded to special appeals from the UUA or to UUSC international relief efforts.

Current Plate Recipient:

2nd Quarter 2021
The Path Project

Our Mission: To empower children growing up in mobile home parks to find their path to high school graduation and God’s plan for their future.

There are multiple challenges facing children growing up in mobile home parks but the most pressing challenge is the high school dropout rate. In mobile home parks, there is often a culture of “it’s okay to drop out of high school.” We’ve seen dropout rates in some parks as high as 80%. This is a crisis. Children who drop out of high school are more likely than their graduating peers to be incarcerated, live their entire life in poverty, and experience unemployment. We can end this with strong positive relationships and education. This is why we do what we do!

Jim and Melinda Hollandsworth started this program after learning from the school system what a terrible graduation rate the mobile home population in Gwinnett County had.  Their main goal is to offer mentoring and after school tutoring. They have provided every family in these mobile home parks with at least one laptop computer and a wifi system so that the students could do their on-line classes during the pandemic. They offer English classes for the adults who want to become more proficient in it. They have created soccer leagues for the youth to participate in, and provide coaching and transportation to the games.  Find out more at https://www.pathproject.org.

3rd Quarter 2021
Special Kneads


Who can nominate a charitable organization for GATP?
UUCG members, youth, the minister, and staff may nominate an organization.  Nominations can be made by email, or by completing a nomination form (available at UUCG).

Who approves charities for GATP?
The Give Away the Plate Committee prioritizes nominations and approves recipients based on confirmation of eligibility requirements, selection criteria, and all available information. The team also seeks to ensure that a diverse range of charitable missions are supported by UUCG.

What are the requirements for an eligible entity?

  • The organization is recognized as a nonprofit charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and said status is verified.  Individuals, trade associations and lobbying organizations are not eligible.
  • The organization’s work aligns with the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Purposes.
  • A non-UU entity is eligible to be a GATP recipient 12 months after its last award.

Desired characteristics of potential recipients:

    • The organization has a history of significant achievements and shows signs of future success.
    • The organization has volunteer or engagement opportunities for UUCG members and friends.
  • The organization has local impact.
  • UUCG member(s) are or have been actively involved on a regular basis.

If you are inspired by or involved with an organization who serves our local area and whose work aligns with UU principles and purposes, please let us know!  We are actively seeking worthy charitable organizations that can be truly impacted by the generosity of our members.  Ideal candidates will also have the potential to actively involve UUCG members in their work. Nomination forms are located on the fundraising bulletin board in the hallway.  You can email your nominations or questions to giveawaytheplate@uucg.org and a member of the Give Away the Plate committee will contact you. Share your gratitude for the good work of others with us as we expand our compassion into our community!

For more information, please email the Give Away the Plate Team.

Nominations Pending Review

  • Planned Parenthood

Plate Collection History


  • Beyond the Ribbon


  • $197.38 for New Life Technology Group
  • $606.25 for El Refugio
  • $828.13 for Rainbow Village
  • $963.37 for MOSAIC Georgia





    • $630 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund on December 24
    • $226.21 for Together Baton Rouge special collection on August 28 and September 4
    • $677 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund


    • $841.22 for Guest At Your Table
    • $366 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund
    • $1249.09 for Positive Impact Health Centers for 3rd quarter of 2015.
    • $833 for UUSC and UUA Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund
    • $1,152.57 for Freedom University through their fiscal sponsor “Southeners on New Ground” for 1st Quarter 2015
  • $280.10 on February 22 for “Remembering Selma” event at UUCA on March 4


    • $1,043 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund
    • $429.53 Guest at Your Table
    • $1,480.88 for National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Gwinnett (4th quarter recipient)
    • $18.83 UNICEF
    • $1005.47 for Friends of Gwinnett Senior Services (3rd Quarter recipient)
    • $1,043.69 for Gwinnett Sexual Assault Center – Children’s Advocacy Center (2nd Quarter recipient)
    • $87 for Ahimsa House (September 13)
    • $702.55 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund (June 8)
    • $1,145.66 for Gwinnett Children’s Shelter (1st Quarter 2014)
  • $332.00 for Standing on the Side of Love (February 16)


    • $604.94 Christmas Eve:  Minister’s Discretionary Fund
    • $147.00 on December 15 for Chalice Lighters: Emerson UU
    • $173.01 for Interweave Continental (December 8)
    • $752.62 for UUA-UU Service Committee Philippines Crises Fund (November 24)
    • $235.58 for the UU Animal Ministry (November 10)
    • $485.00 for the UUCG Endowment Fund (October 27)
    • $260.30 for  UUA Join the Move Initiative (October 6)
    • $273.00 for Minister’s Discretionary Fund
    • $957.00 for Ahimsa House (Collected 2nd Quarter:  April 21, April 28, May 12, June 9 and June 30)
    • $444.00 for UU Oklahoma Relief Fund (May 26)
    • $419.70 for Burundi Fire Relief Appeal (Collected 02/10/2013)


    • $382.34 Guest at Your Table program for UU Service Committee (Collected 11/2012 through 01/2013)
    • $212.00 Atlantans Building Leadership Empowerment (Collected 11/11/2012)
    • $471.00 UUCG Endowment Fund (Collected 10/28/2012)
    • $345.00 Ferry Beach Military Family Scholarship Fund (Collected 05/27/2012)
    • $261.00 Chalice Lighter Call for Georgia Mountains UU Church of Dahlonega (Collected 02/26/2012)


    • $274.00 Partner Church Council – Youth sponsorships for Partner Church (Collected 10/02/2011)
    • $302.00 4-H (Collected 08/14/2011)
    • $372.00 UUCG Benevolence Fund (Collected 03/06/2011)


    • $287.46 UNICEF (Collected 11/07/2010)