Date(s) - 02/22/2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Session One: Tools for Traveling

Discoveries on the Journey

During this curriculum, we will learn about a variety of cultural Traditions that honor goddesses and esteem women. We will also become acquainted with some of the beliefs that are associated with these traditions and how varied spiritual practices stimulate personal inner journeys. During this opening session, we will explore what it means to take a journey to earth based spiritual Traditions around the globe. This journey we are undertaking together will be both an outer and an inner one. We will begin to explore the tools of rituals and chanting that will aid us as we travel on the journey. We will also honor the valuable tool of study and consider how account of history and culture must be evaluated for sexist bias. Because woman-honoring religious imagery has often been to devalued, we will together reclaim the first wife of Adam, known as Lilith.

Bring a new Journal, a Rattle or drum, a snack or drink to be shared.

We will be using the resource  “Rise Up and Call Her Name” by Elizabeth Fisher

We will be ordering the book which gives group members access to an online edition.  When you decide to join, let Sherree Bailey or Sharon Yun know so that you can get access to the book online.

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