After careful consideration for the health and well-being of our members and friends, as well as the larger community, we have determined that we must take measures to promote social distancing.

We are once again ONLINE ONLY for Worship and Faith Development!
Sunday morning Faith Development Programs and Worship Services
will be available to attend via Zoom.

You may join us online Sunday mornings for
Faith Development at 10:00am EST
Worship at 11:00am EST


Through the month of January our theme is
Living with Intention


Sunday, January 23, 2022

Faith Development Program at 10:00am

Exploration of Widening the Circle

Join us for activities and discussion

Facilitated by Sherree Bailey

Join us via Zoom:


Worship Service at 11:00am:

Chord Progression

Choosing where to place our attention and energy can be its own kind of radical act of reimagining.

David Morgen, Service Leader
Elna Brynestad, Worship Associate

Join us via Zoom, here:

And later:
Divination Sunday at 5:00pm


We will be discussing the Futhark Runes – using them in divination, goal setting, meditation, and which tarot designations have rune assignments.
We will also be creating Bind Runes.
Bring paper and pencil/crayons, and your runes or rune cards (if you have them).

Developed, hosted, and facilitated by Sherree Bailey and Daniel Bailey

Join us via Zoom:


Please check back for more ways you can connect with us virtually.