Covenant Choir

Our choir of adults and teens rehearses on Sunday mornings in the Sanctuary.  Newcomers are very welcome to join in.  All voices are welcome!  Most Sundays, rehearsal is at 10:00am.

While we search for our new choir director this Fall, one Sunday a monthly we’ll rehearse at 9:30am with a special guest.  Our next Monthly Music Sunday is December 4th.  If you have ever thought you might like to sing in the choir, but you were not sure you could make a commitment, this is your chance to give it a try!  Show up at 9:30 to rehearse with Kathy Mittleman, the choir director from the Emerson Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and be ready to make music and have fun!


Art Exhibits

Local artists loan their artwork to UUCG in order to help beautify our space.  Normally artists work together to display about 20 pieces and the show runs for about 4 months.  UUCG has about three shows a year organized by our Art Committee.  If you’re a member of any art organization, know many artists, or you’re a wiz at publicity and would like to help promote the shows, please consider working with our Art Committee.

Artwork is often available for purchase and a portion of the proceeds go to UUCG.  The more artwork people buy, the more artists want to participate in the shows too.  As you think about your holiday shopping, special gifts, or artwork for your home, please remember the Art Gallery at UUCG.  Everyone is encouraged to take a few moments and enjoy each piece, soaking in the gift from your neighborhood artists.