Our Hospitable Planet

Rev. Jan Taddeo

This morning we honor the animals with whom we share our blue boat home, and our commitment to make a more hospitable planet. You are invited to bring photos or mementos of your pets who have died as we honor their contributions to our lives. Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Miriam Patrick, Worship Associate.

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  • September 18–Beauty: The Nature of Things
    In his work De Veritate Religione, the 4th century Christian theologian, Augustine asks:  “Is a thing beautiful because it gives delight, or does it give delight because it is beautiful?” That can be said to sum up the philosophical argument over beauty … Continue reading →
  • September 14–Beauty: Present Tense
    It seems that there is something awfully present tense about beauty.  Of course, we can all remember a time when we saw or experienced something beautiful, and that memory is fond.  But, honestly, wouldn’t it be sad to live out … Continue reading →
  • September 13–Beauty: Strewn About
    The wreckage after the Hurricane, whether it is entire communities or just the damage to your fence or roof is not beautiful.  It’s hard and sometimes dangerous, and it creates what will likely be weeks and months of recovery.  Maybe … Continue reading →