First Contact

Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

If we sent a team of humans to a new-found planet, who would we send?  What items, values, and images would we find worthy enough to make the journey?  How do our choices inform our faith?   Rev. Charlotte Arsenault, Service Leader. Miriam Patrick, Worship Associate.

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  • July 27–All Is Welcome Here: We’re Okay
    I have had the occasion this past year to be in conversation with some younger (than I) adults, and it’s only dawning on me now that there is a pattern in those conversations. Sometimes, they are about teaching and working … Continue reading →
  • July 24–All Is Welcome Here: Even the Troubles
    I’ve spent a long time now observing what happens to many of us when a life event takes us to some edge of human experience that is too troubling to allow into our lives. When I was a very young … Continue reading →
  • July 13–All Is Welcome Here: The Real You
    His name was Clyde.  He stood a good head and a half taller than me, an African American man probably about the same age as me. We had agreed to be conversation partners at a meeting held by the ACLU … Continue reading →