Essential Questions

Rev. Dawn Cooley

Rev. Dawn Cooley, Southern Region Congregational Life Consultant, will join Rev. Taddeo in answering YOUR essential questions. What are you curious about? We’ll take questions on Unitarian Universalism, Faith in the 21st Century, what’s happening at the UUA, regionalization, white supremacy within UUA structures, the changing nature of church in America, and other burning questions … Continued

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  • August 21–Return Again: Born Again
    The phrase “to be born again” holds a lot of religious power for some folks.  It’s an English translation of a line in John’s gospel (written in Greek) which is probably better translated “to be born from above.”  In the … Continue reading →
  • August 17 – Return Again: Coming Home
    “Coming home” won’t always be a pleasant experience immediately, and I didn’t anticipate that truth happening to me.  My feelings when I touched down back in Atlanta, after almost ten months of calling another city and other people “home,” were … Continue reading →
  • August 14–Return Again: Illusions, Delusions and Solutions
    Yesterday Nathalie Bigord sat next to me during the Service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett.  Our quick greetings and check-ins came to the same place.  It doesn’t feel good to wake up in a country where white supremacists … Continue reading →