Beyond Fear and Hope

In this service we reflect on the relationship between fear and hope, and being grounded in the present moment.   Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Lydia Patrick, Worship Associate.

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  • December 11–Hope: American Christmas 2017
    For certain ones of our public figures to call themselves Christians is not only absurd, but obscene. Regardless of your belief in the literal Christ, the metaphorical Christ has a story that is true and life-affirming. Christmastime focuses on Christ … Continue reading →
  • December 6–Hope: Finding My Voice
    Going through airport security recently my carry on was pulled and I waited while the airport attendant went through my bag. She told me what she was about to do and that I could not add or remove anything from … Continue reading →
  • December 5–Hope: What’s cooking?
    In yesterday’s post, I observed the 13th century origins of the English word Hope, and how the English roots seem to be specifically Christian terms for salvation from hell by God.  I suggested that as Unitarian Universalists, we might re-shape … Continue reading →