Humble is as Humble Does

Lydia Patrick

Working on our own humility might not mean holding back on our talents or gifts but putting them out there, regardless of the outcome.  This is the way mother earth works and it seems to work for her.  Just do what comes naturally – you never know whose life you are changing along the journey.  … Continued

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  • March 14–Humility: Leveling the Field
    Compassion is not condescension, but a leveling of the playing field, a recognition of yourself in others and an acceptance that their stress is your stress, that their happiness is your own. The gulf between us all is imaginary, born … Continue reading →
  • March 13–Humility: Love Ourselves and Support Each Other
    Bill shared this reflection in the Sunday Service, March 11, 2018. My name is Bill Benshoof and my pronouns are he, him, and his.   My story is about how I have come to understand my leadership journey with the … Continue reading →
  • March 12–Humility: Strong, Like the Earth
    Humility.  Humble.  Humiliate.  Humus.  That last word is not the good, golden stuff made from chick peas!  (that’s hummus).  Humus is the starting place for a discussion on humility.  We have talked about this in our services recently at the … Continue reading →