Live Our Dreams and Let ‘Em Go

This is Rev. Duncan Teague’s last Sunday as one of the Sabbatical Ministers for UUCG.  He is speaking on the confidence it takes to allow ourselves to live our dreams, as fully as possible. By allowing our lives this challenge, it is also the opportunity to lovingly take those same dreams and trust them to … Continued

All is Welcome Here – To What?

In this service, can we agree to enter into a time of deep inquiry with one another?  Can we create a space safe enough to ask some probing questions about ourselves as a community of faith?  When we say each week as we do, “you are welcome here”, what does “here” mean? Once people find … Continued

Lumos Maxima: Spirituality for the Fandom

All is Welcome Here!  No matter what fandom you support, be it Harry Potter, Joss Whedon, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Dr. Who, or Downton Abbey, you’re in good company at a UU church!  Come explore the reasons why Unitarian Universalism has been called a “Religion of Nerds” and why this is an AWESOME title … Continued