Creating a Community of Love

It is our covenant to sustain a community of love through trust, compassion, and inquiry.  How do we create a community of love, and continue to sustain it?  How we live most fully into our shared covenants? Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Lydia Patrick, Worship Associate.

Answering the Call of Love

How will UUCG Answer the Call of Love?  In this very participatory service, we’ll generate ideas for how we will realize our vision to be a radically welcoming sanctuary in a green space, fostering spiritual growth, and nurturing connections within our walls and beyond. Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Paige Varner, Worship Associate.

Be Prepared!

On this Scout Sunday we honor and celebrate scouting of all varieties. We’ll explore the values shared between Unitarian Universalism and scouting organizations, and acknowledge some of the challenges. Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader. Lorena Gay-Griffin, Worship Associate.