Are you seeking an additional way of being present with our Beloved Community?  Covenant Groups may provide the opportunity you are looking for!

Covenant Groups Nurture Meaningful Connections

What are Covenant Groups?  Small groups of eight to ten people who meet for two hours, twice a month for eight meetings; creating a sacred space, exploring our monthly themes, listening and talking together.  Each person is given uninterrupted time to share stories and find meaning from their own experiences. Trained, experienced facilitators are a part of every group meeting.

Why should I join a Covenant Group?  We create a sacred space to focus our attention away from the cares of the present, leave the past behind, and let the future wait a couple of hours.  We express a form of “radical hospitality” by giving each other our full attention without interruption, judgment, or advice.

When we listen, we focus completely on the personal journeys of our “fellow travelers.”

When we speak, we are empowered to be vulnerable, to open our hearts, and to share our personal story. In accordance with the Congregation and Group Covenants, our “fellow travelers” listen with anticipation and appreciation. Our personal stories are held in confidence by the group.

Talking and listening together about our interests and passions helps both “new” and “old” members connect with and understand all that our Beloved Community has to offer them.

The experience of speaking the truth about our personal experiences can empower us to listen to the stories of others.

Who can join? Newcomers, long-time members and everyone in between benefit from these small groups. It’s a great way to build connections within our beloved community as people engage in deep and meaningful conversations based on our monthly themes.

I’m ready! How do I sign up?  View the Connecting Within page to see if registration is currently open.