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September 26, 2021
Service Title: Where the Sidewalk Ends
Service Leader: Lydia Patrick

‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

  • Performed by Joseph Brackett
  • From Songs of the Americas, performed by
  • from , performed by John Jaeger
  • From The Contemplative Collection, performed by Penny Rodriguez

Wonderbox Wisdom: Harold and the Purple Crayon, by Crockett Johnson
find a read-aloud version, here

Reading: The Chair Men, by Robert Fulghum

Story: Answer Mountain, by Sarah E. Skwire

Closing Music: Remembering a Beginning, performed by Elephant Revival
Lyrics by Bonnie Paine

June 13, 2021
Service Title: Playing with God

Poetry by Hafiz

  • God’s Bucket
  • I Can See Angels
  • Courteous to the Ant
  • Too Wonderful

Poetry by Chelan Harkin

Poetry by Rumi

  • The Guest House
  • Only Breath

January 17, 2021
Service Title: Figment of Your Imagination

January 10, 2021
Service Title: Sapiens: the Gift (and Curse) of Imagination

November 22, 2020
Service Title: To Cling to the Shore or Let Go? 

  • Give Up the Fight; poetry by Gretchen Haley, Music by Christopher Watkins Lamb (text of poem provided in video description)
    Shared as a video reflection during the service
  • Wonderbox Story for All Ages: The Shattering of the Vessels by Amy Petrie Shaw (A Free Retelling of the Shevirat haKeilim (from the Kabbalah))
  • Readings from the book Perseverance, by Margaret Wheatley
  • Mentioned by Rev. Jan during her reflections: The Book of Joy, by Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Carlton Abrams

November 15, 2020
Service Title: Healing the Broken Parts

November 8, 2020
Service Title: One Nation, Indivisible? 

October 11, 2020
Service Title: Listening for Coming Out, and Welcoming In

September 13, 2020
Service Title: Renewing our Community

September 6, 2020
Service Title: Gather the Spirit of Renewal

August 16, 2020

Service Title: Perseverance for Justice

Opening words reading excerpted from:
Nights can be Tough, by Kenny Wiley

More information about activist Stephen Biko, to whom Rev. Jan dedicated the opening hymn:
Trailer for the film Cry Freedom, available to view on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and other streaming services
Biko, by Peter Gabriel

A recent story in UU World about the Thomas Jefferson Ball (mentioned by Barbara during her reflection): “The Ball that Didn’t Break Us”

Book recommended by Steve:
Begin Again: James Baldwin’s America and Its Urgent Lessons for Our Own, by Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

Music for Reflection:
Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing, sung by Stanford Talisman

July 12, 2020
Service Title: Tending the Circle: Endings
Service Leader: Rev. Jan Taddeo 

Reading: When Death Comes, by Mary Oliver

June 14, 2020
Service Title: Growing Compassionate Community
Service Leader: Rev. Jan Taddeo

Pastoral Prayer:  “Prayer for a Pandemic” by Cameron Wiggins Bellm
In English and Spanish
Original Source

March 29, 2020
Service Title: Wisdom Creates the World
Service Leaders: Rev. Jan Taddeo, Daniel Bailey

Opening words:  Your Stories Belong to You, by Rev. Teresa I. Soto
Rev. Jan’s Mindful Movements Poster for the Wonderbox

March 22, 2020
Service Title: The Wisdom of Compassion
Service Leader: Rev. Jan Taddeo

Wonderbox story:  How Full is Your Bucket for kids – Read-aloud Video

Center for Compassion, Integrity and Secular Ethics at Life University

Tonglen Practice, based on instruction by Pema Chodron

February 16, 2020
Service Title:  Bouncing Forward
Service Leader:  Sherree Bailey

The Power of Purpose Questions from Richard Leider

Music Shared During the Offering:
Help, by The Beatles

Bonus Resource:
Article – 23 Resilience Building Tools & Exercises

November 3, 2019
Service Title:  America, Can I Have Your Attention?
Service Leader: 
Rev. Jan Taddeo

United States of America – Founding Documents

Ken Burns’ Country Music

Podcasts mentioned by Rev. Taddeo: 

Sail Away lyrics by Randy Newman

Civic Dinners

Interview with Cory Booker on the New Yorker Radio Hour:
(September 27, 2019)

September 15, 2019
Service Title:  Expectations of Experience
Service Leader: Rev. Jan Taddeo

Information about The Climate Ribbon Project

Thich Nhat Hanh’s Prayer for Peace 

July 14, 2019
Service Title: Freedom & Responsibility: check your prepositions
Service Leader: Bob Patrick

The 7 Principles Wheel graphic shared during the Reverse Wonderbox

June 16, 2019
Service Title: Moving On
Service Leader: Lydia Patrick

Videos shown in the service:

  • The Bones” by Maren Morris, which is available on her album entitled, ‘Girl’ (March, 2019 Sony Music).
  •  “All That We Share“, from TV2 Danmark

Closing Cycles, by Paul Coelho (found here, in three languages: https://paulocoelhoblog.com/2016/12/27/closing-cycles )

June 2, 2019
Service Title: Transcendent Poetry
Service Leader: Rev. Jan Taddeo

All poetry shared in this service may be found here.

September 9, 2018
Service title: Crucible of Discernment
Service leader:  Rev. Jan Taddeo

Readings taken from:

September 2, 2018
Service Title: Earth Works: Labors of Love
Service Leader: Daniel Bailey

Works that inspired the service:

  • Be the Change by Stephen Shick
  • Voices of the Earth by Theodore Rosack

Works shared in the service:

  • The Calling, poem

August 26, 2018
Service Title: United we Answer
Service Leader: Lydia Patrick