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Karen Smith

Karen Smith, Service Leader. Bob Patrick, Worship Associate.  

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  • Summer Break until July 1, 2017
    Maybe you are old enough to know the context.  Just a humorous way to say–oh yes, by the way, we are taking a break for the month of June.  The Words will be back July 1. In the meantime, our … Continue reading →
  • May 30–Open the Window: Unbiased Love
    We’ve probably seen one or more of the Ad Council’s videos (often appearing as commercials on TV) in its Diversity and Inclusion campaign.  You can read all about it here and watch the various ads they have put together. I’ve … Continue reading →
  • May 29–Open the Window: To the Opposition?
    I suspect most of us have had experiences where we find ourselves in conversation with someone, sometimes even family members, with whom we seem to share nothing in common. With no apparent common ground, what does it mean to open the … Continue reading →