Conundrum in my Soul

Rev. Duncan Teague

Our monthly theme is closely aligned with my personal theology that love does supersede all the evil and all the worst, so come, come, whoever you are.   If so, then we must welcome some people whom I am finding it hard to love. What shall we do? Rev. Duncan Teague, Service Leader.   There … Continued

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  • April 20–Come, Come Whoever You Are–to the Mother
    This Spring is there something worth a celebration of the newness and the arrival of good in your life? Has a needed, wanted person come back into your story?  Do you need to go get someone from the underworld (like … Continue reading →
  • April 18–Come, Come Whoever You Are: Typed
    For several days now I have had a conversation going on the actual data that we have for what is referred to (to the chagrin of many) as “white privilege.”  As I noted yesterday, much of that conversation has turned … Continue reading →
  • April 17–Come, Come Whoever You Are: Radically Welcoming
    . . . we are becoming a radically welcoming congregation. Vision Statement of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Gwinnett Like many in our community, I was actively involved in writing our vision statement, and in the difficult conversations over this … Continue reading →