We work on a range of issues, including immigrant rights, rights for the LGBT community, and environmental justice & awareness.  The UUCG Social Justice council is open to all!

Join us after the service on 1st Sundays as we plan internal education, build partnerships, and provide active witness.  We also laugh and have lots of fun together!

One event in which we participate annually is the Atlanta Pride Festival.  A video of the 2015 Atlanta Pride Parade is available here.

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Here are a few of the Social Justice highlights of the 2014-2015 program year at UUCG.

Comprehensive and Compassionate Immigration Reform.  Yes, we have now spent four years on this issue in some manner, beginning with reading Living Illegal in the spring of 2012.  We have formed relationships with local and national immigrant coalitions.  We are well-respected in this arena and recognized by our yellow shirts.  We wish we could say this issue was “done”, but it will continue to dominate politics through the 2016 election and beyond.IMG_9630

This is a moral issue.  At the core of is the extraordinary number of detentions and deportations and consequently the separation of families.  Activities at UUCG included:

  • Rev. Taddeo and JoAnn W. went to Washington DC for Not1More action and civil disobedience.
  • Weekend stay at El Refugio with visit to Stewart Detention Center.
  • Freedom University was a recipient to Give Away the Plate.
  • We hosted the Gwinnett leg of the Holy Week Pilgrimage for Immigrants.


Environmental Justice. As part of our qualification for Green Sanctuary, we hosted an EJ workshop with Elizabeth McCreless of Georgia Power and Light.  We need to complete an EJ project for the Green Sanctuary designation.

Partnership with Corley Elementary School.  We made sure that families designated as “homeless” had a good Christmas.  We continue to work with them as needs arise, and we supported the staff with a Teacher Appreciation event.

LGBTQ and Welcoming Congregation.  We showed up proud for Georgia Pride, and continue to monitor legislation and policies affecting this community, including the so-called Religious Freedom and Restoration Act.  23 Georgia Unitarian Universalist ministers were among the over 200 who signed a public letter to the Georgia Senate denouncing this legislation, which has been tabled until next year.

Palestine Israel Study GroupStudy group on Israel and Palestine.  Many people shy away from this issue, perhaps thinking it is too complicated.  As Americans, we have a responsibility to have a deeper knowledge of this issue as our foreign policy is centered in the Middle East, as well as our taxpayer money.  Looking through the lens of human rights, the almost 50-year occupation must end.


Prisoners of Conscience.  It is a December tradition: support of Amnesty International’s Write for Rights.


Looking at the year ahead:


Escalating Inequality. We have barely scratched the surface on this Congregational Study and Action Issue. A congregational read of Hand to Mouth (Linda Tirado) is only the beginning; look forward to more on this issue.



Racial Justice. Police/community relations continue to be tested in our society. Black men are disproportionately incarcerated. Voting rights are being eroded.  We need to be part of this conversation.  We need to go beyond celebrating the work of Rev Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The congregation is encouraged to read “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander to learn more about the complexity of racial injustice in the United States.