Zen Tenebrae Good Friday Service

In Buddhist tradition, Zen is a way of entering into the experience of another and finding peace in the unity of being with that other. In Christian tradition, the Tenebrae service invites us to enter into the experience of the final hours of the … read more.

Save the Earth, Save the World

Our beautiful blue boat home is fighting for its life, as are the multitude of species on this earth… including humans. Our very salvation depends on our ability to resurrect our planet. Where do we begin? What difference can we make? … read more.

Love Will Guide Us

So many things in life can weigh upon us: from personal challenges we face to global crises. Where might we find the resources to guide us towards wholeness? How might we access the healing power of love when we need it most?

Rev. Jan … read more.

Founders’ Day: Celebrating the Past, Present, and Future

Join us for our annual celebration of our Unitarian Universalist roots and the founding and continuing  story of our congregation.

Miriam Patrick, Service Leader

with Christiana McQuain, Coordinator of Family Ministries; and the UUCG Faith Development Team