After careful consideration for the health and well-being of our members and friends, as well as the larger community, we have determined that we must take measures to promote social distancing.

We are beginning to gather again on-site for limited events and activities.
Please check the calendar to learn more.

Please join us online Sunday mornings for
Online Faith Development at 10:00am
Virtual Worship at 11:00am


Through the month of July our theme is
Practicing Our Sources.

close-up of a hand holding a compass, mountain landscape in the background

Sunday, July 11, 2021


Faith Development at 10:00am:

Experiencing Our Sources


Worship Service at 11:00am:

Sources of our Faith

In Kathleen Rolenz’ collection of inspirational readings called Sources of Our Faith, she offers UUs a resource for waltzing with the Holy, gamboling with the rational mind, and moving to the rhythms of  mystery and wonder. Let it be a dance we do.

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader

Join us via Zoom:

Sunday Tarot at 5:00pm

Tarot History and an Overview of the Fool’s Journey
What is Tarot?
When was it created?
Where is it going?

Hosted by Sherree & Daniel Bailey

Join us via Zoom:


Please check back for more ways you can connect with us virtually.