After careful consideration for the health and well-being of our members and friends, as well as the larger community, we have determined that we must take measures to promote social distancing.

Due to an increase in COVID numbers in the county,
we will be suspending all on-site activities again for the time being.
Please check the calendar to learn how to connect with us online.

Please join us online Sunday mornings for
Online Faith Development at 10:00am EDT
Online Worship at 11:00am EDT


Through the month of September our theme is
Embracing Possibility

Sunday, September 26, 2021


Faith Development at 10:00am:

The Possibility of putting it Down

What is draining your spirit right now? Working all the time? A friendship that’s gone well beyond its shelf life? Picking up after everyone else in the house? An expectation of what you are supposed to be or do…?

Join us as we explore how putting things down can open up space for the possible.

Facilitated by Christiana McQuain

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Worship Service at 11:00am:

Where the Sidewalk Ends

That place we find after one thing ends and before another thing begins – where life is not yet the next reality but where we pause and consider what is yet to be… possible.

Lydia Patrick, Service Leader
Elna Brynestad, Worship Associate

The Order of Service will be shared prior to Sunday, here.

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Sunday Tarot at 5:00pm

Course Correction with the Chariot

Join us as we explore the tarot as a tool for personal growth and self-understanding.
Each week we dive deep into a single card, working our way through the entire 78-card deck as the year progresses.
Sessions may include a meditation or other exercise to help acquaint you with the card meanings and how they may relate to your life. Sessions will certainly include laughter and fun.

Developed, hosted, and facilitated by Sherree Bailey and Daniel Bailey

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Please check back for more ways you can connect with us virtually.