Our July theme is Liberty


“Welcome to this place.

This is a home where no revealed truths are promoted and no scripture or human being accepted as infallible.

This is a place for searching for truth.

     But we are believers.

We believe in intellectual freedom; we believe in justice; we believe in compassion and concern for each other and the whole world.

We believe in commitment to those ideals which make us caring and active in the struggles for human dignity.

We are Unitarian Universalists.”

~ John Higgins


Sunday, July 22nd: 

No Faith development Programs at 10:00am

During the final two weeks of July, the Faith Development Team is taking a summer hiatus.  Please plan to join us again when programs resume on August 5th!

As always, space will be provided for fellowship and reflection (and coffee!).


11:00am – Worship Service: 

The Responsibility of Freedom

Given the freedoms that so many of us enjoy, we also have a responsibility to use our right of self-determination to care for the environment and speak up for those who do not have such liberty.

Miriam Patrick, Service Leader


We look forward to seeing you Sunday!