Speaker: Daniel Bailey

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun: tending the sunshine of our lives

Unitarian Universalism supports the practice and experience of joy, pleasure, and well-being; as well as providing a compassionate container for sorrow, grief, and loss.  Come celebrate the “sunshine” moments of our lives and their power to change our lives!

Bailey, Service Leader

Patrick, Worship Associate

Circle of Salvation, Web of Love

In this service we will explore what “being saved” means and feels like in Unitarian Universalism and beyond. There will be significant emphasis on the seventh Principle, and how individual “salvation” and saving a healthy environment for plants, animals, and humans are all part … read more.

Raising the Horn of Plenty

Lifting Our Hearts for Filling and Celebration.

This multigenerational service will be about feeling our needs and feeling gratitude.


Daniel Bailey, Service Leader.

Sherree Bailey, Worship Associate.