Lydia Patrick

Humble is as Humble Does

Working on our own humility might not mean holding back on our talents or gifts but putting them out there, regardless of the outcome.  This is the way mother earth works and it seems to work for her.  Just do what comes naturally – you never know whose life you are changing along the journey.  … Continued

Come On In – The Door is Open!

How do we open the door and let others in without getting footprints on the new carpet?  How do welcome without giving in?  How do we listen without interrupting?  Do we?  But more than all this, why should we?  (Because….. we should).   Lydia Patrick, Service Leader. Lorena Gay-Griffin, Worship Associate.  

We’ve Got This!

Watch out!  You might know more than you think… are you willing to trust yourself for the answers? Lydia Patrick, Service Leader. Rae Haynes, Worship Associate.

Crossing the Great Divide

Building a bridge takes time, careful study, the right materials, preparation, and patience. Crossing a bridge takes courage, foresight, anticipation, patience, and curiosity.  Building bridges between people encompasses all of these elements and more, but the price is worth everything it takes.   Lydia Patrick, Service Leader. Rae Haynes, Worship Associate.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Hearing the divine is just not the same for everyone, and understanding that can take real work.  If we can learn to listen from time to time with someone else’s headphones, we might actually like what we hear enough to begin seeing more of what we all hold dear than what separates us. Lydia Patrick, … Continued

Everyday Miracles

Awe, and wonder, and everyday miracles… they’re out there… Look there goes one now!   Lydia Patrick, Service Leader. Daniel Bailey, Worship Associate.

Musing on the Muses

Lydia Patrick, Service Leader Devon McQuain, Worship Associate