The Beauty and the Power in Simply Showing Up

A Note from Rev. Nancy, week of February 9th

This Sunday afternoon, February 11, a group of us from UUCG will carpool into Atlanta to show the Abundant LUUv congregation our love. We will join them on their ceremonial walk from their original rental space to their new one. We will sing and worship and celebrate with them in this new space to mark the young congregation’s sixth anniversary and this new chapter in their growth and vision.

And all we have to do is show up!

Over and over in my and my congregations’ work for justice and equity, I’ve been struck by the beauty and the power in simply showing up. Yes, sometimes this means showing up at a march or a rally, or showing up at city hall or the state capital to add to the sheer number of people protesting an unjust law.

But it can also mean showing up for the smaller events, the meetings or parties, where our colleagues and kindred have invited us simply to spend time together.

It’s true: The Gifts of Justice and Equity include the hard work of creating the circumstances—a culture, an environment, a space—where everyone can thrive. Often this kind of liberating, healing work can involve a lot of detailed analysis, a thoughtful strategy, and a long-term commitment to the struggle. It’s so worth it—yet this part of the work may not be possible in our lives at various stages.

That’s why it thrills me that the Gifts of Justice and Equity also include the relationships that are built just by showing up for each other. Just by putting ourselves in each other’s company, knowing we share a common cause, we begin to build another branch of the Beloved Community. And that process, I’ve found, always brings curiosity, courage, compassion—and joy.

Showing up for Abundant LUUv this Sunday is just such an opportunity. And of course, we get it if you can’t make it! Do not feel guilty! After all, it’s a “national civic holiday,” as Rev. Duncan Teague puts it: Super Bowl Sunday. And it may seem like a long way to go for an event with many folx we don’t yet know.

We need not worry. Whether we show up with big numbers or small ones this Sunday, we can be sure that those of us who represent UUCG will show up with big, beautiful, powerful Love.

Sometimes, all it takes to have an impact for the good is to show up.

Let’s keep this in mind as we move forward together, receiving and offering invitations to show up to help heal the world.

With Love at the center,
Rev. Nancy

If you are planning on joining us for the Abundant LUUv Sacred Walk, please see detailed information here. If you wish to carpool (as a driver or a rider), please register here.