Do you find joy in nourishing others through food and drink? Join the hospitality team

Are you excited by meeting new people and making them feel welcome? Join the beacons and greeters

Do you have a silly side and love playing with children? Volunteer in the nursery or Religious Exploration

Do deep conversations fill your cup? Facilitate Faith Development sessions

Does getting your hands dirty building things or working in nature bring you joy? Join the building and grounds team

Are you a technology fan, interested in all things digital? Join the tech team

Do you want to give time, but don’t want a commitment? Check out a list of one time or short term opportunities

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team sets up beverages and snacks for our time of fellowship on Sunday morning, and takes care of setting up and clean up on Potluck Sunday. They also assist with select special events such as memorial services, weddings and other  holiday social gatherings.

The team is currently looking for a few more core members to assist with set up and break down for potluck and other special events, one Sunday each month.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact the hospitality team.

Beacons and Greeters

For more information contact Bob Patrick.

Childcare Volunteers

Small child raking leaves outdoors as seen through a green play doorway

Right now, children are staying with their families during services due to social distancing. We do, however, need volunteers to help prepare materials for fidget bags (things like cutting out cardboard shapes) as well as volunteers to clean and sanitize materials after a service (such as washing scissors or Lego bricks). Some of these jobs are also suitable for a child and adult to volunteer for.

We are also looking for people to facilitate children’s RE after Sunday services.

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Christiana.

Faith Development

We are looking for people to facilitate the 10am Adult Faith Development sessions on Sunday mornings. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Christiana.

Building and Grounds

Three volunteers building a garden wall outside the church building

For more information contact building and grounds.

Tech Team

As we begin to reconvene and are having many hybrid events, volunteers who are tech savvy are very valuable. If you would like to join the tech team, contact If you would be able to help upload videos of past services onto YouTube, please contact Christiana.

One Time or Short-Term Opportunities

We are in urgent need of volunteers to help prepare our building and grounds for reopening. Click here to see a list of current projects.

Volunteers are also needed for:

  • Uploading videos of past services onto YouTube (contact Christiana)
  • Preparing fidget bag materials (contact Christiana)
  • Cleaning fidget bag materials after services (contact Christiana)
  • Organizing faith development supplies (contact Christiana)