Date(s) - 12/16/2023
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


The Winter Solstice is a time that symbolizes the rebirth of the Sun. There are many writings in several different pantheons that mark this time of year as the return of the Solar God or Goddess. For the Celtic it is a story of a great battle between the Oak King who ruled the light part of  the year and the Holly King who ruled the dark half of the year. Every winter the Oak King would battle the Holly King and be victorious and start his rule bringing back the sun.

Other stories are that a great ritual and celebration was needed to bring the sun back. For societies that depended on agriculture, the return of the sun was more than something to celebrate; it was the difference between life and death.

The Winter Solstice can be celebrated in many different ways, including very traditional ways that have woven themselves into many traditions today. The Yule log was a large piece of wood, sometimes a whole giant tree that was brought into the central hearth for the entire year. The Remaining piece of last year’s Yule log was used to ignite the new Yule log. The ashes of the previous Yule Log were stored with the seeds and sewn in the springtime to nourish the seeds.

Decorating with evergreen branches is another tradition that is from many different cultures, symbolizing the promise that nature will be green again.

Another tradition is the use of candles and lights not just because it’s dark but to also welcome back the light of the sun. These rituals of light go further back than one can imagine.

This year The Sylvan Sanctuary Druid Group will have their Alban Arthan Ritual on December 16th at 6pm, to call in the return of the sun. Please join us for ritual and pot luck afterwards. As always ritual attire is not required, please bring a dish to share, a donation to the Monthly Lawrenceville Co-op Food Drive, a wand or staff, and a noise maker.

Come be Curious, Courageous, and Compassionate with us as we strive to be a radically welcoming sanctuary in a green space. We foster spiritual growth as we joyfully nurture connections and community within our walls and beyond.