Faith Development Shifts Gears in December


Although we committed to a full three years of offering Faith Development Workshops at 10:00 a.m., it has become apparent that attendance at these workshops has dropped significantly this program year, making it difficult for our facilitators to present the programs they work so hard to develop. So, your Faith Development Team, chaired by Nathalie Bigord, is making some changes we all hope will better serve the congregation. Our focus will continue to be on joyfully nurturing connections and community in our multigenerational congregation.

Starting December 4, we will be offering a Faith Development Forum at 10:00am on the first Sunday of each month. This will be a small group discussion format for adults and teens based on the monthly theme. We are still working on some of the details … materials, facilitation, and whether or not the teens and their adult advisors would like to continue to meet as a group at 10:00. Please look for updates during the month of November!

Also starting December 4, the Nursery/Pre-K program will begin offering care starting at 10:45am, for the Sunday service. The Early Elementary Program will meet during the 11:00 worship service after the hymn following the Wonder Box. 10:00 programs for these age groups will continue through November, until the final session on November 20th.    (There will be no programs on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 27th.)

Another way the Faith Development Team wants to encourage multigenerational connections is through the UUCG “Family” Night, usually held on the second Saturday of each month (but on November 5 this month) from 5:30 – 8:00pm. This is a time for casual gathering with families of all types and sizes (singles, teens, couples, with children or not) to share food, fun, and fellowship.  Bring your own dinner.  Bring games, puzzles, or crafts, and engage in joyfully nurturing connections and community!

As always, your Faith Development Team welcomes feedback on all of the programs and activities we develop.  Please help us to continue to provide inspiring, engaging community experiences that enrich your connections to your faith, to the UUCG community, and to each other by sharing your thoughts with us.