February Theme: The Gifts of Justice & Equity

Justice and Equity. These foundational principles are essential for fostering a fair and inclusive society and are among the core values of our UU faith. When we take a step back to see the systemic implications of our individual choices and actions, we are engaging with the concepts of Justice and Equity.
If we explore them through the lens of our congregational mission, it might look something like:

  • What does equity truly mean in a given circumstance or situation? (Curiosity)
  • What action can I take to further the cause of justice? (Courage)
  • How can I effect justice and advance equity in the situations I encounter in my daily life? (Compassion)

These are challenging questions, and as UUs we are called to engage with them, to seek answers and take action that will make a positive impact on the world we inhabit. And we cannot do it alone – achievement of these goals requires a commitment to working together in community.

Shared values, common goals, strong commitment. These are elements at the heart of our UU congregations and communities. UUCG looks forward to exploring The Gifts of Justice & Equity throughout this month together!