Get Involved with Our Summer Joy Project


photo ©Paul Barfoot, all rights reserved

Nancy Jacobsen was a member of UUCG for many years.  Upon her death in 2015, her niece left a bequest from her estate to be used to improve the UUCG landscape.  There have been many ideas proposed including to work on our dreamed of nature trail or to improve the memorial garden in some way.  The improvement most heard, and approved by the board at our March meeting, is for the mailbox island.  This island was where Nancy spent time planting annuals and perennials, removing weeds, and continued to work when her beloved yard was no longer available to her (attached to a house that had become too big).  Nancy was always a bad ass social justice warrior.  She loved the environment and worked to make it beautiful.  We are going to use her bequest this summer to fix that island and make it as beautiful and bad ass as Nancy… and hopefully to last as many years as Nancy gave to the world (90+).

Be on the lookout for sign up sheets for the work.

We are looking forward to insight and assistance from all groups at UUCG.  The board is currently taking the lead; however, we would welcome another group to take the project on if desired.

Current Objective:

  • Improve the mailbox island with cement blocks to match closely to the Key Hole garden, while maintaining the current plantings as much as possible and saving the railroad ties where salvageable for the parking lot or other areas of UUCG.
  • Add appropriate plantings for a lifetime of joy.
  • Assure this looks like a good place to sit down for a minute to enjoy conversation after worship or events.

Start Date: May 2017

Finish Date: August 2017 (in time for Rev. Jan’s return and blessing).