Sylvan-Sanctuary-LogoSylvan Sanctuary is the Mother Grove of the Druid Order of the Three Realms, a community of Druids walking personal paths. The Druids have a vital relationship with the Earth, celebrate the Sun and its sacred days, hear the call to the inner life, and are weaving a wisdom that is both personal and communal. Druids have special work that they do, for themselves, for others, and for the community and find and balance through Sky, Earth, and Sea.

CUUPS and Sylvan Sanctuary meet eight times a year at the four seasons, solstices and cross quarters of the year.   In addition, Sylvan Sanctuary meets at the New Moon prior to each of these 8 common gatherings.

(New Moon Gatherings are for members of the Grove only and are not open to the public.  Anyone interested in the Druid path may send questions and inquiries to

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