Blessing of the Plow

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This service is based on an old world ritual called the Charming of the Plough. It was held at the beginning of the planting season when soil would first be tilled or turned. It was done by calling on the divine in all its forms and asking blessings on the land and the crops.

We invite everyone to bring four items with them for this service: 

  1. A small container of soil from your garden
  2. A small container of seeds you want to plant in your garden
  3. A garden tool that you will use as representative of all your tools (smaller tools encouraged)
  4. Bring a single cracker from your household for an offering to the spirits of the land

Bob Patrick (he/him), Worship Leader
Elna Brynestad (she/her), Worship Associate

The order of service can be found here

Beyond Sunday Morning can be found here

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