Topic: Online

“Do” Light the World

This week, delegate members from hundreds of UU congregations are meeting in person and online to explore the theological underpinnings of our faith, and lean fully into our mission and principles.  How can we shine our Light in our community? 

Join us in person at UUCG
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Seize the Day

“All of us need all of us.”  We consider actively taking delight in the “work of the Church” to stay healthy, beat stress,  and stay energized in our roles. 

Join us in person at UUCG
or online via Zoom:

Bill Benshoof (he/him), Worship … read more.

Delight: It Is What We Are Born For

We will be releasing Rev. Jan from her ministerial covenant with us, and she will be releasing us from our covenant with her.  We will surround this bittersweet moment with the reminders of delight that surround us all the time, the things for which we … read more.