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One Sentence

This service will draw from the work of Daniel Pink to write one sentence we can live into.
She made people laugh. They listened well. He relieved the suffering of others.
What’s your one sentence? 

This service will hold the container for … read more.

Weaving the Stories of Our Lives

One of my favorite songs is Tapestry by Carole King. I’ve often imagined our spiritual lives as a tapestry woven from the stories of our search for truth and meaning. What are the warp and weft threads of your spiritual tapestry?

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UUMFE Presents: Pathways to Healing & Regeneration

This Sunday, UUCG is honored to stream this robust and beautiful virtual worship service, produced by UU Ministry for the Earth.

Pathways to Healing & Regeneration
When you imagine pathways to personal, social and ecological healing and regeneration, what do you see? Who is with … read more.

Easter Sunday: Becoming Human

On this Easter Sunday we engage our new theme, Becoming, with an exploration into the process of becoming more human and humane.
We’ll also celebrate the Flower Ceremony – send Rev. Taddeo photos of this year’s flowers in your yard or neighborhood, and bring … read more.