Speaker: Karen Smith

Caring for the Caravan

Karen Smith, Service Leader.

Daniel Bailey, Worship Associate.

Contributors:  Lydia Patrick, Dan Kelly.

Difficult Conversations


Please use your judgment as to whether conditions are safe for travel in your area.


If we are to build a Beloved Community, we must learn to talk to one another, especially those with whom we disagree.


Karen Smith, Service … read more.

A Question of Balance

With so many outside distractions, we need to listen to our inner voices. .

Karen Smith, Service Leader  .

Rae Haynes, Worship Associate  .


Please join us after the service for our third Sunday Pot Luck Luncheon!

Have You Been Into the Wild?

Our Seventh Principle honors the diversity of the web of life, but how can we honor it when we are not engaged with it?

.Karen Smith, Service Leader.

.Devon McQuain, Worship Associate

The Science of Generosity

Before we can open our wallets, we must learn to open our hearts.  Like all spiritual endeavors, it gets easier with practice.


Karen Smith, Service Leader.

Bob Patrick, Worship Associate.

Letters to our Grandchildren

Letters to My Grandchildren is a recipe on how to build a better world by living a life of Unitarian faith.

.Karen Smith, Service Leader.

.Sherree Bailey, Worship Associate