Speaker: Rev. Charlotte Arsenault

First Contact

If we sent a team of humans to a new-found planet, who would we send?  What items, values, and images would we find worthy enough to make the journey?  How do our choices inform our faith?


Rev. Charlotte Arsenault, Service Leader.

Miriam Patrick, Worship Associate.

Lessons From the Flowers

Mothers’ Day
Bring your favorite flower to church as we celebrate the annual Flower Ceremony. Nearly 94 years ago, Rev. Norbert Capek created the service, which is dedicated to our sixth principle: We covenant to affirm and promote the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for … read more.

Beyond Absence

Let us come together to remember those who have died and explore together the answers Unitarian Universalists have to the ultimate question, “What happens when we die?” All are welcome to bring pictures of loved ones who have passed to add to our shrine.

Rev. Charlotte … read more.

Spiritual Maturity

What is spiritual maturity and how do we achieve it?  In the Rev. Douglas Taylor’s sermon of the same name, he expounds on James Fowler’s six stages of faith, exploring in most detail the sixth stage, where we find our most competent spiritual guides, like … read more.