Shared Ministry Council

Shared Ministry Council

Our worship services are led by our part-time minister, Rev. Nancy Palmer Jones (she/her) and an experienced team of Worship Leaders; and our programs are overseen by our Shared Ministry Council.

These Leaders are:

Shared Ministry Council:

Bill Benshoof (he/him), Lay Minister for Radical Welcome
Xoey Kelly (she/her), Lay Minister for Green Space
Lydia Patrick (she/her), Lay Minister for Spiritual Growth
Lisa Kiel (she/her), Lay Minister for Connecting Within
Barbara Stahnke (she/her), Lay Minister for Connecting Beyond

Worship Leadership Team:

Bob Patrick (he/him)
Lydia Patrick (she/her)
Daniel Bailey (he/him)
Bill Benshoof (he/him)
Candice Carver (she/her)