Have a question, problem, or issue that needs to come to the attention of your Board of Trustees?  Here’s what to do:

When you need to bring something to the Board, there are now two routes you can take:

1.  Send an email to president@uucg.org. If it is something that’s appropriate to bring to the Board, we’ll assign a board member to work with you on presenting it at a meeting. If it’s not something in the domain of the board, we’ll help you connect with the proper committee or individual.

2.  Come to a Board meeting. At the beginning of each board meeting we set aside a few minutes to hear anything that an individual feels needs to be brought to us. Each person will be limited to 3 minutes. The Board will not be taking any action on the issue at that particular meeting. We’ll either get you scheduled for a future meeting, or we’ll help you connect with the appropriate committee or individual. Board meetings are typically the first Thursday of the month at 7pm. They are listed on the church calendar at uucg.org.

Your Board feels it is important to honor the roles and responsibilities of all the committees and individuals within our community, and to empower committees and individuals to do their own work responsibly. Not all community issues are appropriate for Board action. However, we are always here to assist and support you. If you’re not sure where to go with something, feel free to ask us.