The UUCG Policy Manual

Suggested Donation Policy

Many events at UUCG ask for a “suggested donation” or “Love Offering”, and that’s just what it is meant to be, a suggestion. Some people will be able and willing to donate more, and some will not be able to donate at the suggested level.  We strive to make our events inclusive for everyone in the congregation. This is one of the many ways we are modeling an intentional and welcoming community.

Childcare Policy

UUCG provides reliable childcare in a safe and nurturing environment, allowing families to fully participate in the activities of the congregation. Childcare during worship services is staffed by both paid and volunteer childcare providers. All children must be signed in to childcare and picked up by a parent or designated responsible adult. Regular attendees register as part of the Religious Exploration program.  No reservations are needed for Sunday morning during worship services.  Complimentary childcare is also available for other UUCG events, with at least one week notice.  Please register for childcare online, call the office at 770-717-7913, or contact our church administrator.

It Takes a Village: Playground Safety Guidelines

Here is a reminder of a few important safety guidelines…

  • At least two adults (or 1 adult and 1 teen) must be present with children when they are playing outside, (the same as the guideline for when they are inside the building). Two responsible people are needed so that if there is an injury, one can go seek help while the other stays with the injured person and the other children.
  • The toddler playground is only for young children, preferably five and under. Please ask teens in your family not to use the equipment on the small playground … it is not designed to accommodate larger people, and it can be intimidating to the little ones to have larger people on or in the equipment.
  • Parents may choose to sit on the deck and chat with friends while their children play. Remember to keep one eye on the playground, and everyone should be ready to assist if there’s a mishap. It takes a village to raise our children, so let’s all work together to create a supportive container for both parents and children.