Choir Survey Available Now Thru August 22


The UUCG Music Department is conducting a survey to gather opinions on weekly evening choir rehearsals and scheduling preferences.
The purpose of weekly choir rehearsal is not only to work on music for the coming week, but also to begin to put together a comprehensive music program for the year; selecting multiple pieces and working to rehearse for upcoming Sundays for performance.

Because several members of the choir have expressed a desire to participate in UUCG’s Faith Development programs on Sunday mornings, we are considering changing the choir rehearsal schedule and moving to rehearsing on one evening during the week.  Not only will this allow for more flexibility on Sunday mornings, but it will provide an additional opportunity for music education to be incorporated into the rehearsals, which the current schedule does not allow time for.”

If you have an interest in the choir schedule, please take two minutes to complete the survey, so that we may consider your opinions as we plan upcoming rehearsals.
Thank you for your participation.