Date(s) - 12/21/2019
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Yalda Night image ©S.Ali.Al Mosawi, licensed under Creative CommonsWinter Solstice Celebration

Alban Arthuan Ritual

We will celebrate the turning of the dark to light, a ritual of sacred trees, and our Grove’s anniversary; and feast together.

Ritual begins at 6:00 with feast following.  All are welcome, and everyone encouraged to bring food and drink to share.


Childcare is provided from 6:00pm-8:30pm if you register at least a week in advance.

Please register here.


The schedule is as follows.  You may choose to only come to the ritual and potluck:

3:30pm Magical Arts with the Crafty Pagan – there is a separate event for this with more information

5:00pm Optional Children’s Ritual (please speak with Sherree Bailey in advance to plan)

5:30pm Children’s Potluck

6:00pm Ritual

7:30pm (or when the ritual ends) Potluck

9:00pm Clean Up


CUUPS / Sylvan Sanctuary host rituals for the 8 sun stations.  Contact for more info.

Sanctuary at UUCG