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October 2020 Faith Development Programs

Theme: Deep Listening

First Sunday (10/4):  Listening with Your Heart
What is the difference between conversation and Companioning?  Join us as we explore the gift of compassionate presence that is embodied in the practice of Companioning. 

Facilitated by Bill Benshoof

Second Sunday (10/11): Dream Work  
Join us for an exploration of working with dreams, as we share with each other, using Jeremy Taylor’s book Dream Work as a guide.

Facilitated by Thomas Yun

Third Sunday (10/18): Lectio Divina and Listening for the Divine Voice
Lectio Divina is a Christian practice for exploring the meaning of scripture.  In this session we will engage this practice by applying it to a short secular reading, bringing different discernment questions to the text, with each question inviting us to listen to the text in a new way. 

Facilitated by Sharon Yun

Fourth Sunday (8/23):  Listening for Silence
How much silence do you experience in your day?  Is silence something you long for, or something you try to avoid?  How does the quality of our silence impact our perspective and experience of the world?  Join us this morning to share a practice of intentional listening to the silence.  

Facilitated by Christiana McQuain

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Looking Ahead:

November 2020 Faith Development Programs

Theme: Healing