How We Will Gather (Guidelines for Reconvening in Person)

Update: As of Saturday, August 21, our Board of Trustees has decided that, given the COVID numbers in Gwinnett County and the state of Georgia, in the interest of safety all on-site gatherings will once again be suspended until further notice. You can read more about this decision here.

We are pleased to welcome the congregation back into our shared space for Sunday Morning Worship services beginning on Sunday, August 12th. Below you will find the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the guidelines for regathering. These guidelines have been carefully considered, with our shared values of safety, inclusivity, and community at the center.

Can I just show up at the church on Sunday Morning?
Well, you can, but we strongly encourage you to register your intent to attend in person. Seating is limited due to safe gathering guidelines, and it really helps us to know in advance how many people to expect.

Will I have to wear a mask? 
Yes, everyone above the age of 2 who enters the building will be required to be masked.  The only exception may be Service Leaders who may opt to remove their masks when they speak from the pulpit. 

What if I forget to bring a mask? 
We will have disposable masks available at the front door for anyone who arrives without one. 

Can I sit wherever I want in the Sanctuary? 
The beacons will be acting as ushers, and will show you to a seat when you arrive, based on availability and on (as best they can) whatever preferences you express regarding where you’d like to sit. 

I’m looking forward to hugging all my friends… can I do that? 
Some people may not be comfortable with that just yet.  As always, hugging and other forms of touch should be consensual – ask first! 

What about singing?
The Choir will be singing, wearing masks and with separated seating.  The congregation will not be singing at this time. 

What about coffee???
You are invited to bring your own coffee (or other preferred soft beverage), but none will be prepared or served on-site.  The kitchen is closed for food prep and service for the time being.  One person at a time may utilize the sink for hand washing and access to water. 
The water fountain in the hall is also closed, and there will be no potluck dining until further notice. 

Will there be Faith Development? 
Yes!  Although Faith Development is on hiatus through August, Adult Faith Development will resume on September 12th.  We will be convening on-site at 10:00am, as before.  These sessions will also be accessible via Zoom for anyone wishing to participate from home.    

Will childcare be available? 
Not at present.  We are inviting all families to sit together in the sanctuary during the worship service.  Space will be provided in the Nursery rooms for parents who need a quiet moment with their child(ren), but there will be no childcare provider on duty. 
Parents/caregivers are required to remain with their children at all times while in the building or on the grounds. 

What about Children’s RE? 
In-person RE will not be convening in groups.  There will be a “lesson” and activities available every week beginning in September that families who come in person may wish to engage in together while they are here, or take home with them.  This same session plan will be provided via weekly email to families who opt to stay at home.  If you would like physical materials sent to your home, please make sure you are registered for Faith Development, and reach out to Christiana to request a weekly packet. 

What about the playground? 
Children may use the playground, wearing masks and mindful of safe distancing.  There must be two adults present anytime children are on the playground. 

What if my family and I are not ready to come back yet in person? 
Sunday morning Worship Services and many other UUCG events will remain accessible via Zoom.  We look forward to welcoming you back to the building when you are comfortable returning.  In the meantime, please continue to participate in congregational life online.