The Gift of Generosity

It would be easy to see this as a month of niceness. After all, for many, the call of generosity is equated with the call to be kind.

But that’s not the spiritual understanding, and certainly not the sort of gift our faith sees in generosity.

Generosity … read more.

Autumn Equinox Ritual and Celebration

Join Sylvan Sanctuary Druids in celebration of Alban Elfed, the Autumn Equinox.  Alban Elfed marks the balance of day and night before the darkness overtakes the light. It is also the time of the second harvest, usually of the fruit which has stayed on the trees … read more.

The Gift of Welcome

It seems to go without saying – to be welcoming, we’ve got to think big.
Notice how often we speak about “widening the circle” and “making more room.” We place a priority on expanding our minds by welcoming new experiences and new ideas. Those that … read more.

The Gifts of Our Faith

This year’s overarching frame is The Gifts of Our Faith. We focus on ten beloved UU values and explore their potential to shape us, and in turn shape the world. 

How do these values offer us both challenge and comfort? What might it mean to place … read more.

Annual Flower Ceremony, April 2nd

image ©annie spratt

Say Yes to Spring!

Don’t resist! Bring on the flowers for our annual Flower Ceremony ritual on Sunday, April 2, 2023.
Fresh flowers from your garden (or your neighbor’s, with permission) are encouraged… and bring extras to share. All flowers are welcome! … read more.

Starting Point is now Sharing the Journey

Sharing the Journey is a 4-week program for both newcomers and long-time members of UUCG to experience “deep listening and sharing practices” in a small group setting.

The 4 sessions begin with an opportunity for you to share your personal spiritual journey and tell how it … read more.

Blue Christmas Service on Dec. 11

Blue Christmas Service December 11, 2022 at 3:00pm

For many, the holidays can be a time of sorrow and heartache. Join us as we honor the challenging emotions that can emerge during the Christmas season.

This service will take place in person only, … read more.