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What Would Happen If…

In this service we will allow the words of some poets to invite us into a conversation . . . where we tease out the blessings that surround us every day.

Bob Patrick (he/him), Service Leader
Elna Brynestad (she/her), Worship Associate

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To Bless or Curse the World

Everyday we make choices – to be people who work for justice or ignore injustice, who praise the sacred or obscure the sacred, who  offer love or withhold love. Who do you choose to be?  

This service will also include our annual Bridging Ceremony to honor … read more.

The Blessing of Loving Kindness

When we can look upon all beings with eyes of compassion, we bless ourselves and each other with loving-kindness. Sounds easy, right?

Rev. Jan Taddeo (she/her), Service Leader

David Morgen (he/they), Worship Associate

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