The Lay Ministers are trained leaders who assist the Parish Minister in visioning, planning, coordinating, and reflecting on the shared ministry and programs of UUCG. Lay Ministers nurture their leadership skills, deepen their spirituality, strengthen their connections among the membership, and develop their UU identity in the course of serving the Congregation’s vision and mission. They form a Shared Ministry Council with the Coordinator of Family Ministries (Program Staff) and the Parish Minister.

The five areas of ministry are aligned with the UUCG Vision:

  • Radical Welcome
  • Green Space
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Connection Within our Walls
  • Connection Beyond our Walls

The Shared Ministry Council meets regularly to:

  • Advise and discuss ongoing concerns of UUCG, preserving confidentiality and covenant
  • Share new initiatives and discuss opportunities for mutual programming synergies
  • Determine when programs or teams should be established or dissolved
  • Continue exploring ‘big picture’ needs of UUCG and ways to meet them
  • Continue learning about church dynamics
  • Stay in touch with how ministry with UUCG contributes to their personal sense of calling
  • Participate in strategic planning retreats with the Board and program staff
  • Communicate reliably and responsibly, attend Congregational activities regularly, be a role model for excellent leadership in the Congregation
  • Maintain relationships with program staff and groups within their ministry cluster

Reporting: Lay Ministers report their activities to the Minister regularly, to the various communication outlets as activities warrant, and to the congregation annually.

The Ministry Council meets every month. Check the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.