The UUCG Ministry Council consists of the chairpersons of all our standing committees, as well as key leaders and volunteers, such as the Vice President, At-Large Trustees, Choir Director and any task force leaders. The Bylaws don’t provide any guidance about the purpose of the council, so the Board gave this some thought in 2012 after Rev. Taddeo consulted with her colleagues and shared with us her ideas for the role of the Council.

Reverend Taddeo’s vision for our Church Council, (designated as the Ministry Council by the Council Members at their meeting in the fall of 2012) is that this is the core team of people for her to work with in creating a vibrant shared ministry at UUCG. She sees this as the team of people who will explore new ideas, engage in a creative process to bring energy and enthusiasm to the programs and ministries of the congregation, and be in dialogue with each other about the ways in which their areas of responsibility intersect and support one another.

The bylaws do say that “Unless otherwise determined by the Board, the Vice President shall also serve as the presiding officer of the Church Council.” The Board of Trustees has deliberated on this and believe that for the minister to work most effectively with the Church Council in creating a culture of collaborative and creative shared ministry, it makes sense for the minister to convene the Church Council. At the May 2012 meeting, the Board voted unanimously to delegate the responsibility of convening the Church Council to our minister.

The Ministry Council meets every other month. Check the Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.