Topic: Compassionate Presence

Pray for Me

Our relationship with prayer is influenced by our religious upbringing, cultural norms, and our concepts of prayer. Let’s explore some of those concepts, and find a way to say a little prayer for those who could use a little help from their friends. … read more.

Circle of Salvation, Web of Love

In this service we will explore what “being saved” means and feels like in Unitarian Universalism and beyond. There will be significant emphasis on the seventh Principle, and how individual “salvation” and saving a healthy environment for plants, animals, and humans are all part … read more.

Humility and Imperfection

A culture of perfection permeates western, white-dominated culture, yet as humans we are inherently imperfect. How might we encourage the creativity of imperfection and embrace the art of humility?  In this service of Compassionate Presence we explore how to accept our imperfections and reach out … read more.