Speaker: Rev. Jan Taddeo

Poetry as Prayer

Years ago in a prayer workshop we explored poetry as prayer. From the Psalms to Mary Oliver to Richard Blanco we can feel the prayerful essence in the poet’s words. May it be so. 

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader

Victoria Fashakin, Worship

Pray for Me

Our relationship with prayer is influenced by our religious upbringing, cultural norms, and our concepts of prayer. Let’s explore some of those concepts, and find a way to say a little prayer for those who could use a little help from their friends. … read more.

Listen to Children

Nelson Mandela: “History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.” And, “The true character of society is revealed in how it treats its children.” Time for a report card on how we are doing as a … read more.

Who Chooses?

In his book “21 Lessons for the 21st Century,” Yuval Noah Harari states that a secular society and religious institutions can co-exist as long as “when the secular [moral/ethical] code collides with religious doctrine, the latter gives way.” What happens when religious doctrine infects … read more.

New Old Songs We’ve Discovered

Music is
central in most religious traditions in part to inspire the soul and transcend
the mundane. It is also essential in teaching the faith. In this “reverse” hymn-sing
service, the choir will teach some new old songs they’ve discovered in our
hymnal. Come, sing a song with us … read more.

The Transcendence of Poetry

Poetry has the power to paint images in our minds, express feelings that prose can’t touch, and take us to faraway places and distant planes of existence. In this service people will share the transcendent poetry that has been part of their journey. … read more.

The Mystery of the Future

Human beings seem driven to live into their visions of the future which might include personal goals, global change and everything in between. How do we both savor the world as it is here and now, and save the world for future generations? 

Join us … read more.

Transcendent Mystery and Wonder

Our living tradition draws from the
direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder which moves us to a
renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces which create and uphold
life.  Let’s explore how we can tune in
to those experiences and renew our spirits.

Rev. Jan … read more.

Love Will Guide Us

So many things in life can weigh upon us: from personal challenges we face to global crises. Where might we find the resources to guide us towards wholeness? How might we access the healing power of love when we need it most?

Rev. Jan … read more.

Save the Earth, Save the World

Our beautiful blue boat home is fighting for its life, as are the multitude of species on this earth… including humans. Our very salvation depends on our ability to resurrect our planet. Where do we begin? What difference can we make? … read more.