Speaker: Rev. Jan Taddeo

Connection at a Distance

In our first virtual service we explore how social distancing and connecting beyond our walls can feed us spiritually in the coming weeks.

How do we continue to hold one another close, from a distance?

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader … read more.

The Love of Wisdom

… and the wisdom of love offer ways to approach questions of ultimacy and meaning in our lives.  What are your big questions?

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader
Justin Miller, Worship Associate

Sticks and Stones…

Resilience may be something we build over time through the
accumulation of experiences in which we prevail through life challenges, but
too many challenges can overwhelm one’s ability to recover. How can we limit
the ways we unintentionally harm others that may wear down their resilience? 

Rev. Jan … read more.

Resilience, Not Resistance

When have we resisted the need for support or assistance,
forging on believing we should be able to do that hard thing on our own?
 How can and does a faith community help
us to be more resilient and less resistant?

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader
Lydia Patrick, … read more.

Bearing the Fruit

The fruit of our faith tree is apparent in our actions in the wider community, and also in our everyday spiritual practices and interactions with all whom we encounter. How are you nurturing the seeds within to bear fruit in your life?

Rev. … read more.

Growing Our Tree

It takes more than healthy roots to grow a strong tree, it takes care and attention to keeping the tree healthy. If we think of our UU faith as a tree, what is the care and attention needed to keep our tree healthy, strong, … read more.

Owning Our Roots

Having immersed myself in Dolly Parton’s America and related resources, together we’ll explore our relationship with our roots and being our authentic selves, and what it might mean to be an authentic Unitarian Universalist.

Rev. Jan Taddeo, Service Leader
Bill Benshoof, Worship Associate