Speaker: Rev. Jan Taddeo

We are the UUA

Delegates from over 1,000 UU congregations gathered in Portland and on-line in June to explore deep questions about the core values, sources, and expressions of our shared faith. Our staff and delegates will extend that conversation with our congregation over the coming year, starting with … read more.

Wisdom of the Heart

Join us in exploring wisdom through this quote by Kahlil Gibran: Keep me away from the wisdom which does not cry,

the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children.

Rev. Jan Taddeo (she/her), Service Leader
Lydia Patrick (she/her), Worship Associate

For the … read more.

Recreating America

Langston Hughes implores us to “let America be America again” and reminds us “America was never America to me.” As we celebrate the founding of this country, we explore what we can learn from the past as we look forward to recreate the dream of … read more.

To Bless or Curse the World

Everyday we make choices – to be people who work for justice or ignore injustice, who praise the sacred or obscure the sacred, who  offer love or withhold love. Who do you choose to be?  

This service will also include our annual Bridging Ceremony to honor … read more.

The Blessing of Loving Kindness

When we can look upon all beings with eyes of compassion, we bless ourselves and each other with loving-kindness. Sounds easy, right?

Rev. Jan Taddeo (she/her), Service Leader

David Morgen (he/they), Worship Associate

The order of service can be found here

If you plan to join us in … read more.

Celebrating the Blessings of a Free Faith

Unitarian Universalists are encouraged to engage in a responsible search for truth and meaning, and there is a whole world of sources we draw from. What sources have inspired your search?

Rev. Jan Taddeo (she/her), Service Leader

Bill Benshoof (he/him), Worship Associate

The order of service can be … read more.