Chalice Lighter Call to Benefit UUCG

UUCG has been selected to receive funds from a Chalice Lighter Call for Contributions to help fund our Choir Director as a permanent position! 

This reflects our commitment to creating a high quality music program under the direction of a professional choir director as we grow our vibrant, multigenerational worship program.

Individual and congregational contributions are a gift to support growth at UUCG, as well as the overall growth of Unitarian Universalism in the Southern Region.

You too can contribute by writing “Chalice Lighter” in the memo of a check gift made payable to UUCG and placed in the offering bowl.  Or you may donate online via credit card or PayPal at the link below.

We appreciate your generous gifts and commitment to helping fund our growth as we move forward, Singing the Journey!


(The closing date for this call is August 15, 2016.)