Date(s) - 05/02/2020
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Sylvan Sanctuary welcomes all who are interested to join in a Beltane Ritual at 6pm.

We will be meeting on Zoom:    Meeting ID: 528 297 2479

Contact for more information.


About Sylvan Sanctuary, Druid Order of the Three Realms:

The Druids have a vital relationship with the Earth, celebrate the Sun and its sacred days, hear the call to the inner life, and are weaving a wisdom that is both personal and communal.  Sylvan Sanctuary has been a grove for 10 years and is led by Bob Patrick, a founding Druid.  Contact for info.

We gather virtually this Saturday night at 6:00 for Beltane. Here’s what to do to prep for it. Prepare a mini altar or add to your existing altar items that mean creativity, fertility, sexuality and the interconnected web of life
  • Have a small bowl of water for Brigid
  • Have a small bowl that can hold fire for Cernunnos
  • Have three candles (votives will do) for Spirits of the Land, Ancestors and Gods/Goddesses
  • Have matches or a lighter on hand
  • Have an offering of flowers or flower petals for Brigid.
  • Have a burning offering for Cernunnos; eg birch bark; sage; pine bark; or some freshly dried herbs that feel right to you.
  • Ponder what creativity, fertility, sexuality and the interconnected web mean for you and craft a private intention around what you discover. This will be our intention as well as for healing of the Earth and those suffering from Covid-19. Of course, you will need your device to connect. Hope you can make it.

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