Date(s) - 12/19/2020
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Sylvan Sanctuary welcomes all who are interested to join in an Alban Arthuan Ritual at 6pm.  Go to the Facebook page for more info.

The Druids have a vital relationship with the Earth, celebrate the Sun and its sacred days, hear the call to the inner life, and are weaving a wisdom that is both personal and communal.  Sylvan Sanctuary has been a grove for 10 years and is led by Bob Patrick, a founding Druid.  Contact Bob for more info.

Bob Patrick writes on the Facebook page:
“I am looking forward to our Winter Solstice ritual tomorrow night, also known in some Druid groups as Alban Arthuan/Arthan. This is our Grove’s 12th anniversary. Here are details.
  1. Our intention will be carried out in a two-fold working: to let go of burdens that we are ready to let go of into the darkness, and in the kindling of new light to offer our gratitudes. So, reflect on those two things. You will be invited to speak your “let goes” and your gratitudes in whichever way you need to–either specifically (I am letting go of worry about my friend) or secretly (I am letting go of a burden known to me).
  2. We will make an offering of birch which carries the meaning of both purification and new beginnings. I will do that on the video altar, but if you have access to birch bark or small twigs and want to set up a small fire bowl to offer at the same time, that’s great.
  3. Ritual begins at 6:00 Lee Brannon will post a zoom link allowing you to access the live ritual.”

Online via Zoom