July 10:00am Programs

Sharing What We’ve Learned

During the month of July, the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) will be hosting 10 o’clock programs on Sundays for teens and adults, with a focus on what our congregation members have learned at various leadership conferences they attended over the past year.

The LDC recognizes that every member and friend of our church is a leader in some way.  You’re invited to learn about choices we’ve made as a congregation, and how our leadership is impacting our future.


July 10: Attending General Assembly: The Inside Story:  UUCG members who recently attended the UUA’s General Assembly will come together to share their GA experiences.  This will be a chance to hear why members chose to attend GA, what was most special to them while attending, and how they’ll carry what they learned about themselves and the larger UUA community into their (and our) futures.

Discussion Leader:  Terry Welsher of the Leadership Development Committee


July 17: Who Are We as a Small Congregation?:  Sara Heath will talk about what she learned last November at the Columbia University conference, “Change, Organization, and Generosity in Smaller Congregations.”  The Board of Trustees (BOT) and the LDC had an opportunity to hear from Sara this past winter.  Now she wants to share her experiences with you!  Topics covered at the conference included the processes congregations go through when change happens, how to use teams in congregations to accomplish goals, and ideas about how to approach stewardship.


July 24: Understanding Covenant:  This past March, Barbara Stahnke, James Riddlesberger, Sara Heath, and Denise Benshoof attended a workshop: “Conflict, Change, and Community”, at Greenville Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in South Carolina, led by Connie Goodbread of the Congregational Life Staff for the Southern Region of the UUA.

Understanding the systems and patterns created in congregations by the experiences and talents we each bring to our church family is a large part of what Connie teaches.  Our conversation at UUCG will use parts of Connie’s program about why we choose to be in Covenant with each other, and how that affects our approaches to conflict and building community within churches.


July 31: Applying Our Leadership Covenant:  Barbara Stahnke, Viki Andino, Sherree Bailey, Denise Benshoof, and Rev. Jan Taddeo attended “Thrown into the Deep End: The Leadership Swim,” at UUCA this past May.  Connie Goodbread, and Rev. Kenn Hurto, both of the UUA’s Southern Region Congregational Life Staff, asked the questions:  “How is covenant the center of our faith and how do we practice covenantal leadership?” and “How do leadership and faith development go together?”  In light of these questions, we’ll be exploring our own Leadership Covenant and how it impacts our leadership and membership choices at UUCG.


All programs meet in the Playhouse.

The Nursery will be open for childcare for ages 0-7, beginning at 9:45am.  Older children may engage in supervised activities on the playground (weather permitting), or indoors.